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Welcome to Blackacre Home of the Bulls of Blackacre

Thank you for visiting our site. Please enjoy your visit. Feel free to explore our site, and please let us know if you have any questions about our dogs, how we breed and raise them or general questions about the breed or anything we might be able to share with you about our dogs or dogs in general.

Toad, ChairBull, Blackacre, LLC.


Blackacre Program Philosophy

Blackacre is a breeding program for pitbull dogs located in Northeast Kansas. Many of our dogs live on Blackacre while others are strategically situated at Blackacre "Blacksites" within our region here or abroad...Our goal is to assemble the perfect American Bully pitbull.  We don’t care what you call them whether its “bully”, “pitbull” or whatever.  As soon as we finish making a perfect litter of perfect creatures, we will try to out-do ourselves or quit.  We breed what we want for ourselves or our customers rather than any official standards, but there will inevitably be some overlap. Ideally we seek to produce perfect XL or “extreme” dogs that are massive yet wide & bully or short & compact relative to their large weight (i.e. not overly tall or lanky—some height is okay, but we’d much rather have a Dax than a Giraffe type) with minimum head size of 23” and minimum weight @ +90lbs when surrounded by females in heat. Short muzzles, broad shoulders & strait feet, very large bones and at least moderate athletic ability & drive, but an overall laid back attitude. The ideal Blackacre dog is intelligent, obedient but with drive that can be “turned on” when it is time to guard, hunt, pull or do other work and then turned off when it is time to lay around and watch T.V.   Realizing the goals of our program may take years if not decades, but we hope to stay around long enough to see the results.  No one besides us “picks” a Blackacre dog from the progam,—rather we pick our customers and match them with the best dogs.  We will sell to other breeders, but only under the same stringent provisions that govern the core Blackacre family placements for our dogs. Usually these include retained breeding rights in some form or co-ownership.





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